Yogumix® Commercial Frozen Yogurt Machine

Yogumix® is an innovative machine that can make a variety of products:

Yogumix® machine can make all its various products in an unlimited number of flavor delights. Click on the above links to view videos & read more.

The best frozen yogurt machine in the world

Our Yogumix® machine has gained top notch reputation in dozens of markets around the globe. The machine is a result of a research & development process that lasted for more three years, and our expert technical team continues to improve it. We pay special attention to building durable and reliable machines that last many years.

Learn why the world's global leading companies choose our frozen yogurt machine: click to view 'Yogumix Edge' presentation.

One machine, a variety of products  

Yogumix® machine has a massive blade that can easily crush all kinds of frozen fruit slices, sweet treats, or even nuts and blend them together with ice cream, frozen yogurt, ice, milk or water. You can finely crush even the hardest frozen fruit within just a few seconds, or alternatively liquidate them to prepare drinks. 

Yogumix® enables you to serve healthier deserts, based on real fruits. You can attract new clientele and increase sales by leveraging the powerful health trend! According to different market studies, there is a rapid growth in the sales of frozen yogurt in Europe, America and Asia. Frozen yogurt healthier image contributes to this rapid growth.

A local powerhouse of desserts & drinks can be easily built around the innovative Yogumix® frozen yogurt machine. Take advantage of its unmatched efficiency, based on unique mechanical innovation, and increase your profits!

Unique advantages of the Yogumix frozen yogurt machine

  • Yogumix® frozen yogurt maker is designed as a tall and narrow machine so as to take up as little floor or counter space as possible.
  • Yogumix® consumes little electricity while operating and does not emit any heat. Unlike many other ice cream machines, it works only when producing a dose, and therefore its total electricity consumption is very low. It is considered an eco-friendly machine.
  • Since Yogumix® does not consistently work and spin the ice cream on an ongoing basis, it produces products of a consistent high quality.
  • Yogumix has a hermetic closure mechanism of the preparation cup (tank).  This unique mechanism keeps the dose inside the insulated cup throughout the preparation process, and thus maintains both its sterility and freezing temperature better, compared to machines that eject the dose during preparation. Another advantage of the hermetic closure mechanism is the decreased effort and time required on the part of the person that operates the machine, since repeated actions of re-inserting of the dose are not necessary during preparation.
  • Special consideration was given to the machine as being user friendly and easy to operate (see specifications below).  

Yogumix® machine main specifications:

  • Dimensions: 340*575*971 (mm)
  • Net Weight: 76 kg
  • Power connection: single phase
  • All moving parts are reinforced and supported to provide years of trouble free service.    
  • Integrated water wash reduces cycle time and labor costs.  
  • Designed with a water switch located in the actuating handle for convenient one-handed operation.
  • A lock button enabling the mixer to be locked while operating.

Yogumix® machine detailed and technical specifications

  • Special operating handle design provides the greatest leverage when needed most as the auger enters the cone and begins the mixing process.
  • Spring loaded bayonet mount auger is easy to remove or install.
  • Safety sensor switch deactivates the machine when protective cover is removed so that accidental startup cannot occur.
  • Click to view Yogumix® user manual.