Royal Ice Technologies is a developer and manufacturer of innovative frozen Yogurt machines and ice cream machines, as well as ice cream mix and frozen Yogurt mix (base). We operate globally and serve customers in dozens of markets across Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa. Among our clients are the leading global dairy companies, leading global hotel chains, ice cream chains and parlors, and a wide variety of other dining and leisure establishments.

During the last decade, we have developed new machines and equipment, and penetrated new markets. We have enjoyed a high growth rate, acquiring hundreds of customers all over the globe, from fortune 500 companies to mom & pop shops. Our growth stems from the advantages our machines offer clients: wider, unmatched functionality that is based on innovative mechanical technology. Our company's R&D department consists of experienced professionals with unique multi-disciplinary technological background; our R&D team holds several technological patents. We also pride ourselves on the reliability of our machines.

Our company's goal is to continue bringing in new innovations and technologies into the ice cream machines industry on an ongoing basis. Our vision is to become a global leader in the field of ice cream machines