Partnership Opportunities

Royal Ice Technologies machines can increase your ice cream machine distributor business: they are

an easy sell since they will enable your customers to increase the profits they make from their shop

or dining establishment.

Furthermore, each of the Yogumix frozen yogurt machines you sell provides you with an ongoing source of additional income, following the machine sale: our frozen yogurt mix (base) powders have been developed especially for our Yogumix machines, and are the perfect preparation bases for them. Supplying these base powders for your customers on an ongoing basis will not only contribute to your bottom line, but also strengthen your business relationship with them.

Additional merchandise that you could provide in large quantities on an ongoing basis to our machine users include unique spoons that are especially produced to match our Multimix┬« blizzard Machine stirring mechanism.

Royal Ice Technologies is looking for new distributors in different counties and areas. Potential candidates should have a proven successful track record in distributing machines/systems in the HORECA or ice cream industries, as well as technical and logistic infrastructure. If you fit this description, please contact us at: