Multimix® Blizzard Machine

Add value to your soft ice cream !

The Multimix® machine mixes & blends additives such as: chocolate bits, crushed cookies/nuts, fruit chunks, cereals, syrups, and more with soft ice cream in seconds. Multimix® adds value to your soft ice cream by easily preparing creamy and chunky extraordinary desserts.

A unique disposable plastic spoon serves as the blending blade; following the completion of the portion, it is best to serve it to your client with the same spoon you used to mix the frozen dose. Alternatively, it is possible to use a stainless steel blade. It easily connects to & disconnects from the machine, just like the plastic spoon. Therefore, the different types of spoons can be easily replaced.

Multimix® blizzard maker can also serve as a milkshake maker (mixes milk with soft ice cream), or a smoothies maker. Since it is light and occupies very little space, it is very convenient to put in ice cream shops' decks, stands or can even be mounted on the wall.

The Multimix® is similar to the McDonald's Mc-flurry machine.


Standards & Certifications


Our Multimix® machine has CE marking. CE marking indicates that the machine complies with European health, safety and environmental protection legislation. This standard is recognizable worldwide. 


  • To view the machine CE safety test marking click here
  • To view the machine CE EMC test marking click here

Multimix® main specifications:

  • A dimmer enables convenient control of the blade rotation speed. Varying rotation speed of 0-1,500 R.P.M. (revolutions per minute)
  • Machine body is made of stainless steel
  • Luxurious appearance
  • Machine dimensions (without stand): 12*15.5*15 cm; dimensions (with stand): 26*31*51 cm
  • Net Weight: 3.8 kg (without stand), stand weighs 4.9 kg
  • Special consideration was given to the machine as being easy to utilize and clean

The blizzard machine can be bought with or without a stand (as demonstrated in the photos above). It can be suited according to client specific size requests, as well as be branded according to client specifications (for large quantities only).

We also offer the special disposable plastic spoons / stainless steel blades that are used in the stirring process, as well as special cups suited to fit the spoons, for your convenience.