Frozen yogurt rapid growth in global markets

According to different market studies, there has a rapid growth in the sales of frozen yogurt in Europe, America and Asia in recent years. Frozen yogurt high nutritional value, compared to ice cream and to other desserts contributes to this rapid growth.

frozen yogurt with syrop

For example, research firm IbisWorld released a new reported in 2015, stating that frozen yogurt stores in the U.S. reached cumulative revenues of two billion dollars. This represents an impressive growth rate of 21% in the years 2010 -2015. According to IBISWorld, total employment in U.S. frozen yogurt shops reached 20,000 people in 2015. Another report, by consulting firm NPD Group estimates that the number of frozen yogurt servings sold in the U.S. in 2011 at 128 million; an increase of 11% over the previous year.

Los Angeles is a great example to the popularity frozen yogurt can reach in a health conscious urban area: L.A. Country's population of 10 million people regularly buy their frozen yogurt in 250 different shops. That is one frozen yogurt shops for 4,000 people! How many shops can operate in your area before it becomes saturated?

Frozen yogurt versatility allows a lot of room for innovation: many shops and chains introduce new flavors and toppings on an on-going basis. This way, customers have a new experience almost every time they visit. Even large ice cream chains such as Baskin-Robbins have leveraged this advantage and started to offer frozen yogurt to their clients!

An interesting case study that demonstrates the outstanding growth of the frozen yogurt retail operations is Yogen Früz - the leading global frozen yogurt chain. Yogen Früz has been one of the world's fastest growing chains, with more than 1,400 shops that opened in 42 countries. Yogen Früz chooses to use our Yogumix frozen yogurt machine in its stores.

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