Frozen yogurt: a natural & healthy dessert

Frozen yogurt is a natural refreshment that in many countries is very popular among market segments such as: women, young adults, and other populations that look for healthy desserts. Customers often have it as a light low fat meal that is tasty, as well as nutritious.

frozen yogurt with fruits

Frozen yogurt is based on milk and can be prepared with toppings such as granola, fruits and nuts. It can contain considerable amounts of ingredients with high nutritional value, including: probiotics, minerals, fibers, antioxidants, proteins, vitamins and calcium. These ingredients contribute to the immune system, strengthen the body, and improve digestion. 

Frozen yogurt is lower in fat compared to ice cream, due to the use of milk instead of cream. If you compare a plain vanilla frozen yogurt portion to an ice cream portion, with an identical weight and flavor, you will find that the frozen yogurt portion has just 40% of ice cream portion fat content, and less than 50% of its saturated fat.

Frozen yogurt has justifiably gained an image of a natural and healthy dessert. Its rapid growth in popularity in the past decade across the globe stems from this perception.

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