Frozen Yogurt Mix

Royal Ice Technologies has developed a frozen yogurt mix powder specifically for our Yogumix® frozen yogurt machine. Years of lab research & development resulted in a powder mix that turns to elastic frozen yogurt. This is the perfect base to use in our Yogumix® machine to prepare outstanding creamy, smooth and tasteful frozen yogurt. The frozen yogurt can be mixed with additives of your choice, for example: chocolate bits, candy, or fruit – to create a healthier desert. Our frozen yogurt mix is flavorless (neutral), and can be mixed with any flavor.

Main features:

• Certified Kosher (OU) and Halal (Cresent M)
• Non-dairy powder mix that can be mixed with milk, yogurt or alternative options for vegetarians, such as vegan chocolate
• Long life shelf


Produce Frozen Yogurt Easily 

1. Stir one bag of our frozen yogurt base powder with 2 liters of milk and 2 liters of yogurt.  
2. Pour into 120 cc disposable cups (fill about 100 cc) 
3. Freeze for 6 Hours  
4. Keep the frozen yogurt mix frozen at (-18) c until served


Why choose our frozen yogurt mix?

  • Maximize your profits: a single bag of our frozen yogurt base can produce 40-45 doses (using 120 cc cups). Each of our frozen yogurt powder bags contains 1.15 kg
  • Competitive pricing