Ice Cream Cart

Royal Ice Cream Cart is an elegantly designed cart for catering and dining events.

Our Ice Cream Cart has a very high capacity for storing hard (Italian) ice cream or fresh/ frozen fruit, and is perfect for selling or serving these products. The cart is made of stainless steel and It can be fitted for the Yogumix frozen yogurt maker. This cart has a wide variety of special features, and is guaranteed to make your event a special occasion.

Special Features:

  • Huge vitrine that holds a capacity of ten gastronomes
  • Working and washing surface
  • Pergola can be assembled/ disassembled easily
  • Can be designed according to clients request


Dimensons in mm: 2,075*1,010*938/2,180
Weight:180 kg
Body: stainless steel

We will be happy to design and build a customized ice cream cart, according to your specific needs.