Roma Soft Ice Cream / Frozen Yogurt Machine

A countertop triple heads (two flavors and mix) soft ice cream / frozen yogurt machine that is capable of producing 390 doses per hour. 

Special Features:

  • Storage tank has an independent cooling system
  • Night mode button provides economical refrigeration of product during night hours or non- business hours.
  • Noise filtered walls
  • Gravity fed or pump action
  • Dual Compressors
  • Dual Beater Motors
  • Microprocessor Control Sensors
  • High pressure switch eliminates compressor overheat
  • Thermal overload prevents motor from overheating


  • Hopper Capacity: contains 2 hoppers, each hopper produces 12 liters
  • Dimensions in mm: 550*795*960
  • Weight: 170 kg 
  • Power: 18 liter /hour (390 doses /hour) 
  • Power connection: One phase , 20A