Rimini Soft Ice Cream / Frozen Yogurt Machine

A countertop single flavor soft ice cream / frozen yogurt machine that produces 130 doses per hour. 

Special Features:

• Storage tank has an independent cooling system

• Night mode button provides economical refrigeration of product during night hours or non- business hours.

• Noise filtered walls

• Gravity fed or pump action

• Separate hopper refrigeration maintains mix temperature below 4.4ºC (40ºF) during Cool and Standby modes

• Mix Low Indicator -When mix level is low, the Mix Low light turns “ON” to alert operator to add mix

• Automatically regulates refrigeration by monitoring product viscosity to maintain consistent quality

• Safety protection 1- low temperature cutouts protect from cylinder over freezing 

• Safety protection 2- high pressure switch prevents compressor overheat 

• Safety protection 3- thermal overload protects motor from overheat


Hopper Capacity: 9.7 liters
Dimensions in mm: 440*700*735
Weight: 100 kg

Power: 18 liter /hour (130 doses /hour)

Power connection: One phase , 20A